Saturday, April 13, 2013

Bonnie had a cat test today, given by Scooter, one of MAGRR's cat testers.  This short video below only shows what happened when she got too close for Scooter's comfort.  But according to Scooter's owner, he never hangs around a serious threat.  Bonnie was curious but respectful and by the end of the meeting, both can and dog were relaxing on the floor within six feet of each other.  I have more video but am having trouble loading.  Look for posts showing these later on.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring break ended and I headed back to school.  My daughters are here during the day, but I was still worried she would have trouble adjusting as they do not interact with the dogs as much as I do.  She has done very well and has adjusted to the schedule beautifully.  They do get to go out during the day and when I get home we go in the yard and play, weather permitting.  She has not been too energetic in the evening, but plays a little with one of my other dogs and then lays around with everyone in true couch potatoe style.  She sleeps on our bed at night.  She is such a cutie with a gentle smile always on her face.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Bonnie loves to dig in the toy bucket and this time is doing so with a friend.
Bonnie Belle has been at our house for a few days now.  She is a young girl and comes with young girl characteristics.  She love, love, loves to play with the other dogs.  She plays with my dog, Blackie, and my other foster dog, Molly; but, Molly is leaving tomorrow so she will only have Blackie to play with.  She loves her toys and she especially loves digging through the toy bucket to chose just the right one.
She hates to be left out of anything.  When I throw the tennis ball for my dog, I try to keep her on the other side of the fence.  She wails, barks and carries on until I let her over.  She lopes alongside my dog, Stormy, with an occasional herding nip.  She doesn't really focus on or try to get the ball.
She eats her dinner well but then tries to see if the others are going to eat all of their food.  This isn't a problem at my house, but anytime you adopt a dog, you should feed separately at first to avoid food issues.Bonnie likes to sleep on the bed but will also sleep curled up on a dog bed.
Bonnie's one issue is that she is not house trained yet.  We are working on this.  She feels bad about it and knows she is not supposed to.  When I scold her she gives me her "woo, woo" bark as if to say, "You didn't have to point it out."  She only pees in the house, now, does her other business outside.  With five dogs, five people and a baby at the house we aren't very good at keeping her on a schedule and I do think that would really help her.
All in all she is a very loving, happy dog that will make a wonderful companion for someone, especially someone looking for a smaller dog.